Developer, Manager, Designer | Leicester, UK

Several years experience in, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, WordPress, Prestashop and design to help create amazing websites for people. I enjoy doing it as a little side project to help those who need it.

Currently taking online courses from home to further my skills, everything I know is self taught, growing my knowledge and understanding every day.

If you need a website and all the hosting dealt with, then you know what to do.

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Client Works

  • Narborough Meadows (WIP) A website dedicated to Niall's farm. To be discussed what will be involved.
  • AbzPhotography (WIP) Wordpress driven website focused on Abbie's photography, including enquiries to her services and the ability to purchase her work. Also included Google Workspace. (Currently a work in progress)
  • AquaCare Services Ltd. (WIP) Wordpress based site with a CRM for clients for Niall, owner of AquaCare Services Ltd. Their focus is maintaining and servicing aquariums for clients and businesses. Has Google Workspace included with all features unlocked.
  • World of Cuteness Prestashop for Holly, owner of World of Cuteness. Specialising in selling animal toys, natrual products and supplies at affordable prices. Mainly for rabbits, but also other smaller animals. This also includes all of Google Workspace
  • LadyMax (Discontinued) Prestashop for Avril, family. Works from home, handcrafting reusable products all from various fabrics. Google Workspace was also provided.
  • Maxi Krafts Prestashop for Gary, family. Working from home, handcrafts various rings from silver and old coins, as well as creating bespoke products made from wood. Also included is Google Workspace.

Personal Works

  • Libby HomeServer (Private) Running on a HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus. Libby is a Selfhosted system with a growing number of features including a proxy, adblocker, media library, downloader, backups, bots and drive storage.
  • Radiant ( aspect offline) Personal Project/Community. Radiant is a part of the website, a music sharing community. The website houses more information regarding the community within the site. Includes Slack, Discord, Website, Teamspeak, Game servers,, community scripts and bot.
  • LiteBot ( offline) Node.js Bot for A bot that automatically controls the community and will moderate it even when human moderators are not around. Will automatically skip tracks if they are not suitable or the community downvotes it, as well as moderating the chat.
  • RCS ( offline) Extension for The most popular extension on the site to date, sophisticated and packed full of features that are not present in the vanilla website, enhancing the users experience.